Space- Place- Trace (Seminar @ the Swedish School of Planning)

There is an upcoming event that will take place at BTH. It is not strictly part of LCDM (as stated in the title it is part of a series of seminars within the Swedish School of Planning), but because of the topics and the person presenting the seminar I thought that it was appropriate to give visibility to the event on this blog.

Well, first of all, the lecturer is our teacher Talan Memmott. As most of you (should!) know he is also a digital/multimedia artist. During the seminar he will be showing some new media works that deal with space and place; such as Jeffrey Shaw’s ‘Legible City’ and J.R. Carpenter’s ‘in absentia’ and one of his own pieces: (s)Pacing. The focus will be on how space and place become trace in this work, in terms of remnants of location as well as in relationship to scansion and meter in the work.

The seminar will proceed with the display of more video works and exploring the roles of space and place in the works, how they operate as trace, as residue of location.

Time and place: Wednesday 17th March, at 17.30. Studio on the 5th floor, Building C, Campus Gräsvik.


~ by Marco on March 12, 2010.

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